Land Defense Systems


Etact specializes in Land Defense Systems for armoured vehicle, battle tank tracks system, runflats, maintenance, and upgrade service for military vehicles.

Working with our strategic partners who have been in the business for over 50 years, we design, manufacture, recondition, and upgrade military vehicles and its subsystems to meet the specification of the of the armed forces and internal security units.

These products and services have been delivered to more than 40 countries across 6 continents.

Our production facility is located within an area of 140,000 sqm with various types of machines, from the state of the art CNC machine, to various types of cutting and pressing machines.

Our products and services are categorized into the following segments:


We have 4×4 / 6×6 multi-purpose armoured vehicles for various missions needs. This family of vehicles have been used by various Armed Forces and Government units worldwide. The trucks are non-chassis based vehicles and feature an all welded armoured steel V-shape monocoque
hull. They have high mobility, power to weigh ratio of 23-27 hp/ton with protection capability of up to STANAG LV4. This protection covers both engine and crew compartments. The vehicle can be equipped with 7.62 LMG / 0.50 MG / 40 AGP and can be transported airborne on a C130, A400, Ro-Ro ship and standard railway.

We have armoured personal vehicles (APV) with 10+1 seats, armoured tactical vehicles (ATV),
armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) armoured ambulance vehicles (AAV), armoured reconnaissance vehicles (ARV) etc.

tank tracks


We produce and supply track shoes, road wheel, idle wheel, sprocket ring, support roller for all types of armed track vehicles e.g. M113, M60, M109, BMP-3, T72, T85, PZ45 etc. All these parts are produced by hot forging metal with latest rubber technology. We support clients with both OEM parts and replacement of the original track system with our inhouse design track solution.

This design track system is double pin track integrated with a high concentration rubber. The damping property of the rubber serves to reduce vibration and noise, elongating the vehicle electronics life span, increasing vehicular mobility and ultimately reducing fuel consumption.


Strategically partnering with a company with over four decades of experience we can successfully refurbishs and upgrade military vehicles.

Our speciality covers APC M113, APC T-85, AAVP7A1, HMMWV, V150, M816, M543, M35, M602, M151 etc.

We undertake MRO on the vehicles and subsystems. For example, M60 engine, M109 Howitzer engine, M113 power-pack etc.


Landmine breaching refers to the process of rapidly detecting, removing or destroying landmines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) to make lands/roads safe for use.

The clearance operation is carried out either using a hand-held scanner or by the use of a motorised detection and breaching platform. These specialized tools are derivatives of scanners, flails or plows.

With the recent advances in technology, we have remotely controlled mine clearance systems which preserve human lives by placing the operator far away from the blast radius while achieving same results.

Available options are:


Based on proven technology, this is a highly convenient, one piece mine detector that is capable of detecting metal content mines buried underground. It is durable, lightweight, and collapsible.

These unique features make it particularly suitable for light forces and special military operations where soldiers must carry equipment in remote areas with little logistical support.


Our motorised platforms provide armed forces and humanitarian organisations with scalable solutions for rapid mine detection, breaching, route marking, and explosive ordinance disposal. Furthermore, this solution could be deployed to create mobility challenges for adversaries.

Proven around the world, these equipment are designed specifically to meet the needs of different operational contexts from large area clearance, support logistics, peace keeping operations to clearance in complex terrain.

For fast landmine beaching activities, we have various configurations available with points of attachment to existing armoured tanks.

Our minefield breaching range includes powerful tools to move through even the most challenging terrain to defeat sub-surface explosive ordinance. Whether intended for deliberate breaching or to support ‘freedom of manoeuvre’ for fighting vehicles, our blast resistant ploughs
give commanders the opportunity to move unimpeded and in doing so, maintain a battlefield advantage.

Our route clearing mine plough, is a full width mine plough designed for deliberate mine field breaching activities. Ground engaging tines move earth wide and clear of the vehicle to create a cleared and safe corridor for passage.