Airborne Solutions

U.S. Army Paratroopers, competing in an International Parachute Competition, jumping out of a CH-47 Chinook Helicopter onto Castle Drop Zone during Leapfest 2019 at West Kingston, RI., August 5, 2019. Leapfest is the largest, longest standing, international static line parachute training event and competition hosted by the 56th Troop Command, Rhode Island Army National Guard to promote high level technical training and esprit de corps within the International Airborne community. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Sgt. Rafael DiCristina)


Leveraging our vast global partnerships, Etact Defense can provide fast and flexible integrated services and solutions for fixed-wing, rotarywing and unmanned platforms to help our customers meet their various special missions targets such as Search & Rescue Operations, Maritime Patrol or even Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

Whatever technical sensor, communication system or special aircraft configuration you need for your mission – Etact Defense gets it airborne!

Working with our partners, we can design, and integrate state-of-theart special mission equipment and systems into both new & existing airframes. Every step in the upgrade or retrofitting process such as the integration and modification procedure from design, engineering, production, installation, testing to certification is carefully and expertly managed by experts under one roof.

Accompanying the customer through the entire procurement process, Etact Defense would assist clients with equipment selection and provide a tailormade mission suite design. We oversee everything from the smallest details to the big pictures.

Etact Defense is vendor agnostic, we work with the best suppliers worldwide to deliver tailor made solutions to our clients.

No longer would our clients be forced to use legacy systems or components. We have access to a fleet of aircraft and sensors, along with the availability of special mission demonstrator aircraft, giving us the expertise and the experience of relating with our customer’s concern in their domain. Based on request, our clients are able to test the sensors or required configurations on our demonstrator to have a feel of the equipment suite hands on before they buy.


Aircraft platforms are only as reliable as how well they are maintained for long term service and operation. In order to achieve this, it is crucial that aircraft are provided not only with sustained maintenance, but also with continuous upgrades to avionics and other aircraft systems, so as to prevent obsolescence and to stay current with modern tactical capabilities.

With our extensive capabilities and partner expertise, we offer integrated support and service solutions for a wide range of aircrafts, leveraging in theatre experience in tactical capabilities from working on numerous platforms and scenarios.

We meet our customers’ operational readiness requirements by providing a variety of services for aircraft, including cockpit avionics upgrade for various platforms, modifications, integration and installation of avionics and mission systems. Importantly, all services are conducted in accordance with the aircraft manual of the aircraft manufacturer and avionics specification requirements, as well as compliance to flight safety and airworthiness regulations.

We offer meticulous refurbishment services as well as capability enhancement for aircraft so as to effectively meet modern operation requirements.

Etact Defense partners are well equipped with the tools, technology and skills required to conduct maintenance/repair and develop engineering designs for modifications, adjustments, installations and integration of avionics systems and special mission equipment for various platforms, such as the PC-9, CT-4, RTAF-6, F-5, AU-23, Alpha Jet and the C-130.


Importantly, we rigorously ensure that our services conform to industry-leading international standards as well as airworthiness and safety requirement regulations. In the process of designing, developing, manufacturing and testing of aircraft components, we comply with international standards such as STANAG and US Military Standard (MIL-STD), among others, to ensure all operational and mission requirements are met. In managing and ensuring consistency and quality in our production, our partners are also certified in accordance with international standards such as ISO9001 and AS9100D, as well as personnel certifications for IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-A-610, demonstrating our commitment in aligning our internal processes in such a way that delivers high quality products and solutions.


We provide multi-functional unmanned airborne platforms that can be deployed for surveillance, reconnaissance, opportunistic or planned engagement operations. With a wide variety of payload options, the drones can conduct extended range and long endurance missions. Our high-end EO/IR sensors to provide the drone platform with real-time high definition video, laser designation, multispectral infrared video, IMSI catchers, jammers and other data acquisition systems. The data can be saved onboard or transmitted to the ground control unit real time.

The UAV can be configured for armed or unarmed scenarios.Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (iSAR) monitoring are optional technologies available on our EO/IR sensor suite.

The drone platform is designed for continuous operational versatility. Flight take-off and Landing is either autonomous or manually piloted.

A control system featuring pathway placement and loiter pattern ensures the simplification and success of complex missions.

We can have up to five hardpoints included in the design which allows interchangeability for podded electronic warfare solutions, weapon systems and external containers or other payloads.

Our drone platform allows for customization according to our clients’ specification. Using a specially engineered airframe that ensures long endurance and increased performance on all fronts and in all weather conditions.


  • Armed with 4-6 missiles (Optional)
  • EO/IR Sensor and DataComm Suite
  • Max range: 2000+km
  • Max altitude: 30,000ft
  • Cruise Altitude: 20,000ft
  • Max endurance: 35hrs
  • MTOW: 1300kg
  • Max payload: 210kg
  • Fuel Capacity: 300kg
  • Max Speed: 250km/hr
  • ITAR Free


This loitering munition package is essentially an aerial weapons system. The munition passively waits over the target area and engages only when the target is located. Loitering munitions enable faster reaction time against concealed or hidden targets that emerge for short periods without placing high-value platforms close to the target area. It allows more selective targeting
as the attack can easily be aborted.

Our loitering munitions system provides the military with a portable, low footprint, airborne weapons platform capable of carrying and delivering precision-guided weapons. It is deployable from a maximum distance of 20 km from the target area for very flexible mission

The system packs an onboard video system and can carry up to four precision munitions to enable operators respond to changing ground situations quickly.