Be it in the dry deserts, the bustling city, or in the thick jungle, the protection of military assets or any other important location is of great importance.

When drone based technology is used as a tool against state or public infrastructure or military sites, the results are devastating, and rupturing the national security fabric. Our Drone Detection and Defense System is suitable for most locations. It is a robust and extremely reliable system which has proven itself worldwide, thanks to its simple operation and accurate detection capability.


  • Unique technology: real-time ALL frequency monitoring (NO bands).
  • Real-time DF frequency monitoring for all frequencies and directions at the same time.
  • Up to 48THz/s sweep speed.
  • Tracks 3G, 4G and 5G drones.
  • Up to 50 km detection range.
  • Latest AI-based multi-target image and RF pattern recognition.
  • Tracks and locates the operator(s) controlling the drone(s).
  • Detects more than 99% of all commercial drones (even preprogrammed).
  • Identification of the drone type and manufacturer.
  • Unlimited in size & numbers of receivers.
  • 3D multi-functional flight pass view.
  • Works at night, in fog and bad weather.
  • Real-time AI frequency monitoring and 3D DF, including height information.
  • 360° full dome coverage with high tracking accuracy.
  • All-in-one solution, multi-sensor support, latest AI-based software.


Multi Signal Interception, Manipulation and Jamming is a system to assist law enforcement authorities to acquire, intercept, analyze and manage all forms of over the air communications such as voice, sms microwave, radar, satellite transmissions etc. This becomes very essential as bandits and other criminal elements rely heavily upon mobile communications to carry out their nefarious operations.

The system operates on all frequency bands of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G and can decipher A5/0, A5/2, and A5/1 encryption standards in real-time.

We have one of the most advanced passive interception solutions. This solution does not transmit any information hence it is completely undetectable either by the mobile operators or by the target that is being intercepted or manipulated.

Regarding signals jamming, conventional cellular phone jammers are used in places such as Military Facilities, Sensitive Government Buildings, Prisons, etc. to block all unauthorized communications.

These jammers use signals on the same radio frequency bands as mobile phones, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station, effectively disabling mobile phones within the range of the jammer.

The problem with these other conventional jammers is that they block all the cell phone communications within its operational range. Legitimate users will not be able to communicate when such jammers are in operation.

Our Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer, however, is designed to overcome this major disadvantage. The unique technology used in our jammer allows the you to block communications of unauthorised users within the coverage range, while allowing selected/authorized phones or networks to operate.

This system also comes with a radio frequency direction finder to pin point the target’s position.


Knowing our stab resistant vests are certified against the most realistic threats, such as knives, spikes, hypodermic needles and more importantly blunt force impact, security operatives can rest assured knowing they would be adequately protected against such attacks.

Being punched, kicked or hit by a blunt object is indeed a very realistic risk many security professional face on a daily basis. Be assured our stab vests offer you exceptional levels of protection from this very threat.

These body armours are manufactured to mitigate the risks faced, based not only on your own front-line experience but from ours too.


  • Ergonomically cast for comfort and fit.
  • Redesigned for quick donning.
  • Will not degrade over time.
  • Improved, advanced materials that will withstand impact from today’s realistic threats.


Preparedness is a large component of military success. Service personnel must be professionally trained to succeed in and out of the frontlines.

We offer trainings on various skills needed to perform combat-related functions or optimization of day to day interactions.

Military-specific/tactical training courses are conducted under conditions that closely approximate real combat scenarios, such as Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) situations. Simulation and Augmented Reality based trainings are employed where relevant.


  • Soft skills trainings.
  • Effective Communication Trainings.
  • Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success.
  • Clifton Strengths Assessment & Coaching.


Our bespoke services and solutions refer to customized or tailor-made services and products designed to meet specific needs or operational requirements of our clients.

These services and solutions are created specifically to fit the unique needs and preferences of our clients.